In Prison: Lost Generations

Lost Generations

In the dark prison, and after Fakhri A-Barghouthi spent 27 years in prison, he met his son, which was not during a usual visit.

His son was arrested because of his resistance to the Israeli occupation. Kakhri was not able to recognize his son after long periode of not seeing him, exactly after eight years of not seeing him, following the outbreak of the Intifida.

He finally regognized him. He hugged him and toched his face which he left while still a young boy.

He saw him wearing a beard and moustache. A resistant father met his resistant fighter son, and entire generations were lost in prison.

The Bird of the Prison

Israel sentences teenage Palestinian girl to 18 months in prison

The Israeli military court sentenced a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Amal Jamal Qabha, to a year and a half in prison for allegedly attempting to stab an Israeli soldier last year at a checkpoint in the northern occupied West Bank.

Amal Jamal Qabha, or the prison’s goldfinch bird as called by the fellow women detainees. She managed through her brush to paint huge smiles on the faces of all women around her in prison.

She was summoned for trial 14 times, and was insulted and humiliated each time she was shuttled to court and on the way back to prison.

You’ll never detain my smile

The Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem has sentenced 14-year-old Palestinian, ‘Mo’awiyeh Alqam’ to six-and-a-half years in prison for an alleged stabbing attempt

During his trial session, Moawiya smiles to his attorney in wonder about many of the words he heard…

He quickly tries to peak at his mother, but two guards hasten to stand in front of her to prevent her from seeing his smile… He tries again and again and he steals another look, but he fails to meet her eyes… She turned her face to follow up on the course of the trial…

He finally stands still, shocked, and asks his lawyer, “Is there no other options less than a six-year-long sentence?” he throws his questions while trying to understand what’s going around him.

“i’ve done no wrong to deserve this.”

Minor Girls in Detention

Minor Girls in detention

Istabraq Al-Nour can never forget her days in prison, despite being free for months now. She was in the company of two other detainees; Marah Bakir and Nourhan Awad.

THe three detainees were wounded and minors, however, they were isolated in a place full of insects, cockroaches and bad smells. A place that lacked basic human needs, where they suffered from extreme cold and were not give any warm clothing despite the young age.