You’ll never detain my smile

You’ll never detain my smile

The Israeli Central Court in Jerusalem has sentenced 14-year-old Palestinian, ‘Mo’awiyeh Alqam’ to six-and-a-half years in prison for an alleged stabbing attempt

During his trial session, Moawiya smiles to his attorney in wonder about many of the words he heard…

He quickly tries to peak at his mother, but two guards hasten to stand in front of her to prevent her from seeing his smile… He tries again and again and he steals another look, but he fails to meet her eyes… She turned her face to follow up on the course of the trial…

He finally stands still, shocked, and asks his lawyer, “Is there no other options less than a six-year-long sentence?” he throws his questions while trying to understand what’s going around him.

“i’ve done no wrong to deserve this.”

Palestinian Prisoners Rights

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